So one time, one of my guy friends said, “I’m pretty sure I’m straight but I’ve never slept with a man so how do I know for sure if I’m not bisexual or gay” and so he actually went and picked up a guy, had sex with him and after ward he said, “Well that was fun but I appear to be straight.” and just went on with his life without making a big deal about his dip into homosexuality and really, I think everybody should be this relaxed about sexualities



Hercules is a 900-pound-heavy, 6-feet-tall and 12-feet-long liger who holds the Guinness World Record for the largest cat. Born from a lion father and tiger mother, Hercules grew into an impressive creature, able to run at speeds of up to 50 mph and eat 100 pounds of food in one sitting. Despite his gigantic size, Hercules is very tame and Dr. Bhagavan, one of the liger’s caretakers, says looking into his eyes is “like looking into God’s own eyes”. (Source)




the bbc report specifically commented on the need for more on-screen physical affection in portrayals of queer couples and people are like “johnlock might become canon but there won’t be a kiss”


Also are people not paying attention to how Steven Moffat is always like “AND THEN EVERYTHING WENT MISTY AND HE TASTED BRANDY ON HIS LIPS AND WHAT I THINK HAPPENED IS—” and Mark Gatiss is all “SHHHHHH STOP TALKING NOW”